• What is Binary Option Trading? What is Binary Option Trading? Learn how to get started in this exciting new market
  • Your first Binary Option trade Your first Binary Option trade We'll help you get started with all you need to know
  • Binary Trading is very simple Binary Trading is very simple .. unlike traditional investing
  • Profits can come very quick! Profits can come very quick! .. you can make a profit in as little as 60 seconds!


What are Binary Options?

Binary Option trading requires the trader (you) to speculate on whether the price of an asset, (a product traded on financial markets - for example Google stock, or the value of the US Dollar, will rise or fall within a given time frame.

In simple terms Binary can only have two values - so the option you have to choose for that asset is simply .. up or down, using the terms "Call" or "Put"

Binary Option Trading is great

Controlled risk, simplicity, and often very high profitability, are the main advantages of binary options trading.

Web-based platforms - free, such as here have been built to enable even novie traders to gain access to the massive profits previously available to only trained and employed traders on the world's markets.

Get started right away

OK, so now you're interested in what you can do with binary options, the easiest way to look into this opportunity further is to create an account at one of the better brokers available - this will gain you access to their web-based platform so you can discover how easy it is to use.

We've good experience using the Easy Trader broker, and have been impressed with what they have to offer, especially in how they help you with Binary Signals to make you more profitable.

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How does Binary Trading Work?

Binary Options Trading is very simple once you have registered with a broker such as here

  1. Choose an asset (such as a stock, or market)
  2. Select an expiry time - which could be as short as 60 seconds!
  3. Select your investment amount
  4. Decide if your asset will go up or down

Binary Option Trading example ...

Using Google stock as an example

  • Initial value $535.03 (slightly down)
  • You see the stock is falling
  • You decide it will continue to fall
  • Select "Put" (the stock will drop further)
  • Select the amount and length of the trade
  • End of trade stock value is $534.98
  • You have made a profitable return!

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