• What is Binary Option Trading? What is Binary Option Trading? Learn how to get started in this exciting new market
  • Your first Binary Option trade Your first Binary Option trade We'll help you get started with all you need to know
  • Binary Trading is very simple Binary Trading is very simple .. unlike traditional investing
  • Profits can come very quick! Profits can come very quick! .. you can make a profit in as little as 60 seconds!


Traditional Stock Market Trading

In traditional investing on the stock market, a trader would select their chosen stock and invest their funds into that company.

The stocks would be held until such time as they had hopefully increased sufficiently, then sold at their peak to make as much profit as possible. For each trade the broker would take a fee, usually in the form of a commission.

Binary Options Stock Trading

The great benefit trading with binary options is that the trader does not ever own stock in the company or market in which they are investing, and only has to predict one of two possible outcomes for the stock value - up or down.

This prediction increase or decrease is either right or wrong, if it's correct then you will be in the money.

Getting started trading binary

OK, so now you're interested in what you can do with binary options, the easiest way to look into this opportunity further is to create an account at one of the better brokers available.

We've been using the Easy Trader broker, and have been impressed with what they have to offer, especially in how they help you with Binary Signals to make you more profitable.

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